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Ethnic Eats is a mobile app that helps you explore and share interesting, but hard to find ethnic restaurants around your neighborhood.

Here's how it works

Discover Restaurants

This is the starting point for your culinary adventure. Each time you are near an ethnic restaurants that you have not encountered before. It’ll get added to your list of new discoveries.

Save Your Discoveries

A new discovery can be saved and stored under My Discoveries where it's super convenient to access. This is a great way to save discoveries that you might be interested in but would like more time to research before visiting the place.

View Recommendations

Explorers can leave a brief message together with a list of recommended menu items to the community. In addition, we also feature discoveries that has been mentioned by celebrities or food bloggers.

Ask Questions

If restaurant summary or recommendations left by other explorers are not enough. You can also send a private message to someone who have been to the place to have your questions answered.

Culinary Articles

We believe that knowing the context and history behind what you're about to eat is a great way to improve your culinary experience. So feed your brain, not just your stomach with our culinary articles!

Our world's a beautiful place.
Together, let's get to know it better a meal at a time.

We believe that cultural awareness is an important dimension that makes our world an even better place to live. Because of this, we created this app to help you experience the best part of each culture around the world.

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